Monday, May 21, 2012

Meet the Artist!

Meet Marni Fernandes our amazing artist, and here's her story!

"As I think about my story I begin by traveling back to when I was a 7 year old playing in my moms jewelry box, layering necklace upon necklace until I could not stand straight.
It is this fond memory and many others that has me thinking about the elusive question, "what inspired you to start papaya blue?"

As I look back on the path I have taken through life I realize many experiences when juxtaposed beside each other has created a life collage of creative achievements that I am proud of. However, it wasn’t until I met a friend on my travels who encouraged me to indulge in my childhood activity of jewellry making that I stopped and thought “why not.”

My “aha” moment has been a slow crescendo of growing up and gaining self awareness. And if it wasn't for my travels, experiences, relationships and curiosity I would not have been able to create my pieces with the depth and personal meaning as I do now.

When I begin to create a piece I like to explore the idea that a simple design along with unique individual pieces can create the greatest impact. Each hoop, link, band has its own distinct shape, texture and feel and when put together to make a bracelet, necklace or ring they fit together creating a piece that is as unique as the person wearing it."

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